January 19, 2009

Which one is Michelangelo?


I was quite amused to stumble upon this little easter egg while exploring Dalaran's vile Underbelly (I'd link you to an Underbelly map, but they don't have one up on WoWHead for some reason).

In the Underbelly there's a pile of dirt (at least I'm hoping it's dirt) that's littered with a variety of multicolored vials and bottles, the kinds used by alchemists who were too lazy to dispose of their extra/failed potions and elixirs properly and decided to chunk them down into the sewers instead.

Here at this same dirt pile (please, please, PLEASE just be dirt!), there is a friendly sewer rat who is being very attentive to four equally attentive friendly little sewer turtles.

Yes folks, here we have a little tribute to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Makes one wonder if these guys will ever be able to be battled with in the Circle of Wills down there.

However, these turtles and rat aren't the only things TMNT-related here in WoW. Turns out that the voices of Malygos, Medivh, Nexus-Prince Shaffar, and the Blood Elf Male are played by a voice actor named Cam Clarke, who incidently voiced the character Leonardo from the original TMNT animated series back in the late 1980s.

PS: Incidentally, our version of "Splinter" here might be considered one of the highest leveled critters in the game (even though he's not technically classified as a critter). He's sitting pretty at lvl 80, which means that if someone decided to try and kick his ass, he has a fair shot of beating the stuffing outta them if they think he's squishy like all the other critters in this game.

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