January 7, 2009

See that crate there.... Yeah, it's filled with bananas


You ever notice the balconies there in the in the Undercity? Yeah, it's right there above all the profession trainers in each quarter. See it now? Yes? No? Oh! And you can also see the bridges that connect to them when you take a flight in and out of the UC...

Impossible to get to, right?
Nope. Not at all actually.

There IS a way to get there. However it will require the Sewer entrance of the UC, the use of some type of slow fall ability, a riding mount, and some good timing. Maybe a little practice too. Need another hint? Here's one.

Oh yes, and when I took this screenshot, there was a crate there. It was filled with bananas.

Why bananas?

I have no clue.

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