December 28, 2008

I hear dead people


Today we'll be looking at various easter eggs hiding right under your noses. You'd be surprised how many easter eggs are littering the various faction capitol cities. Today's focus will be the Undercity, capitol of the Forsaken.

To start things off, we'll look at the throne room of the former king of Lordaeron. Looks pretty empty right? Just a lonely throne and the seal of Lordaeron illuminated by the skylight above.

Actually, there is a little more here than meets the eye, or rather, more to "hear".

While standing in the throne room, go into your audio settings and turn down or turn off the volume settings for the "music" and bump up the settings to max for the "amibient" sounds. Then make sure you are standing around the throne or seal area. If you stand there for a few moments, you can start to hear ghostly voices whispering softly to you.

If you are a lore junkie and fan of Warcraft III, you will recognize this as the scene where Arthas murdered his father in that very throne room.

If you look closely at the floor around the seal, you can even see a conspicuous splatter of old dried blood there from when the deed was done.

Additionally, if you do this same trick while in the hallway leading up to the throne room from the outside, you can hear the sounds of Lordaeron's former living citizens celebrating Arthas's return. Also, standing near the fallen bell will allow you to hear it ringing.

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  1. Also it looks like there are flower petals in the hallway - possibly thrown as Arthas paraded through?